Hannah May Cumming and Monstrous Femme Films are leading the charge for women and queer folks in horror

Hannah May Cumming on set for CAMP CALYPSO

Cinestate’s REBELLER blog and publishing label is full of takes that make one question if that word means what they think it means

Rebeller’s “original content” page, with red, white, and blue accents and articles about Charles Bronson and “Karens”.
Part of Rebeller’s page of original content.

Jason Lei Howden, director of Guns Akimbo, is becoming the cyberbully he allegedly wants to prevent

A photo of director Jason Lei Howden, covered in blood, holding a fake human heart in one palm.

Alyssa Onofreo is not afraid to break new Internet boundaries with Crypt TV’s army of horrific creatures

Alyssa Onofreo, pictured here with her coworkers Mordeo (left) and the Look-See (right).

Director Michelle Nessk is out for blood in the brand-new horror anthology “Shevenge”

Michelle, pictured here alongside the official poster for Just a Girl.

Pendulum’s “The Island” is the most perfect pop song to ever exist

The true brilliance of Cody Ko and Noel Miller as Tiny Meat Gang lies in exactly how dumb their music is

Cody Ko and Noel Miller acting like they’re praying with a drawing of a raw steak floating over their heads.
Pull up pull up pull up, indeed.

Peter L.

I’m the director of YOU’RE SO DEAD!, the writer of HYPERCELL, and I make music as AKLF. I like spooky things and loud music and I like to interview people too.

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